Steroids Veterinary Specialists Birmingham 24 hour Emergency Radioactive Iodine Service

Steroids Veterinary Specialists Birmingham 24 hour Emergency Radioactive Iodine Service

During therapy, effective doses suppress the Hypothalamo-Pituitreal-Adrenal axis. Following cessation of treatment, symptoms of adrenal insufficiency extending to adrenocorticol atrophy can arise and this may render the animal unable to deal adequately with stressful situations. Systemically acting corticosteroids may cause polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia, particularly during the early stages of therapy. Some corticosteroids may cause sodium and water retention and hypokalaemia in long term use.

  • Feed cats using separate food bowls, as large amounts of the virus are present in saliva.
  • However, with a range of medications either alone or together along with complementary therapies, patients can benefit from effective pain relief.
  • The cat may have a mild fever for a few weeks and there may be enlargement of the lymph nodes (the little lumps often referred to as “glands”).
  • If you wish to purchase Prescription Only Medication elsewhere you will need a prescription.
  • Your Veterinary Surgeon will discuss the costs of any investigations or treatments of ‘out-patients’ at the time of consultation.

Months or years later, as infection progresses, the cat may develop fever, lethargy, poor appetite and weight loss. Any recurrent illnesses may suggest that the cat has FIV – or another virus, such as FeLV . Initial treatment with Maxitrol (Dexamethasone/Neomycin/Polymyxin B) eye drops every 12 hours and 0.2% Optimmune ointment every 12 hours.

Side effects

All drugs can have side-effects and immunosuppressives are particularly powerful drugs. The main risk of using these drugs is that the immune system will be shutdown too much, making your cat more prone to infection. In the rare cases where cancer or an infection is found to be the underlying cause of the myositis, treatment should be directed against this. Other side effects which your vet will be on the lookout for include the increased risk of infection (due to suppression of the immune system), stomach ulcers, blood clots and diabetes (particularly in cats).

  • The treatment with topical cyclosporine can be tapered over time, but recurrence of the condition is possible and the eye requires careful long-term monitoring.
  • Systemically acting corticosteroids may cause polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia, particularly during the early stages of therapy.
  • Please have an honest conversation with your veterinary surgeon about your cat and how you can get them the pain care they deserve, seeking a second opinion or referral to another clinic if necessary.
  • Corticosteroid treated animals may succumb to infection if concurrently vaccinated with live vaccines.

If it is not known whether the mother is infected, it is best to wait until a kitten is older than 20 weeks before testing. Pain is obviously an issue, but cats can show their pain in various ways. Some cats drool or paw at their face and others may stop grooming their coat, resulting in an unkempt appearance.

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Calcinosis Circumscripta is a focal area of calcification that develops on areas of repetitive trauma/pressure, such as the footpads or at sites of bite wounds or repetitive choke chain trauma. Type 2 Zinc-Responsive Dermatosis is seen in young growing puppies of any breed that are fed high cereal diets, which contain substances called phytates, that hinder absorption of zinc from the intestine. Lesions  are very similar to those seen in Type 1  and respond  rapidly to change of diet  and zinc supplementation.

Prednisolone 5mg tablets are for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and allergic conditions. This includes some autoimmune diseases and neoplastic conditions in cats and dogs. The mainstay of treating SRMA is suppression of the immune system with drugs, particularly high doses of corticosteroids like prednisolone.

The degree of side effects tends to be related to the dose used, but some individuals are more susceptible to side effects than others. Sometimes steroids used to treat cancer can lead to permanent diabetes in people who were already at risk of developing diabetes. The blood sugars may reduce once you stop taking the steroids, but the diabetes may still need treatment. This is called steroid-induced diabetes and is like type 2 diabetes.

What are steroids?

NEVER give your cat medication that has not been specifically prescribed for them or you could cause them serious harm or even death. All of these steroid-induced side-effects are reversible and diminish when the dose of steroid is decreased or stopped. Please note, our vets and nurses are unable to respond to questions via this form.

Controlling your blood sugar when taking steroids

All cats with FIV should be neutered, as this removes the stress caused by coming on heat and reduces the desire to roam and act aggressively towards other cats. Dog neuterings, cat and rabbit spays go home with a bottle of pain-relief medication for the first few days. Common dose-dependent side effects of steroids include increased thirst and hunger (consequently urination and weight gain), lethargy, panting, and increased risk of infections (respiratory, urinary etc). In cats, I have seen cases of pododermatitis causes by  Calicivirus (one of the cat flu viruses)  and Cowpox virus.

If you can keep your cat isolated, it may be better not to vaccinate – again, discuss with your vet. Eosinophilic keratitis/conjunctivitis usually responds quite dramatically to the application of topical corticosteroids, which are given 2-3 times daily initially to effect and slowly tapered once remission occurs. A combined therapy with topical cyclosporine (0.2% Optimmune) is recommended and will be continued after discontinuation of topical steroids for long-term control of the condition.

There are alternative medications for controlling itching in dogs that do not have these same side effects. They are all prescription products so unfortunately we cannot directly advise on their use for your specific pet. If you are concerned about any potential side effects of the steroid treatment prescribed you should consult your vet for advice.

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